Costa Vase

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Costa Vase: Embrace Imperfect Beauty

Introducing the Costa Vase from Jitana, a stunning embodiment of the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. This unique piece captures the essence of finding beauty in imperfection and the natural progression of time.

Key Features:

• Wabi-Sabi Inspired Design: Crafted with textured edges, the Costa Vase celebrates the art of perfectly imperfect, making each piece uniquely beautiful.
• Symbolic Decor: Reflecting the wisdom of appreciating wear and tear as a natural part of life’s journey.
• Decorative Purpose: Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any space. Please note, it’s styled best as a decorative piece without water.
• Handmade Artistry: Each vase is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mexico, ensuring no two pieces are exactly alike.
• Material: Made with high-quality clay, suitable for dry decorations only.

Ideal For:

• Adding a touch of artistic flair to home or office spaces
• As a thoughtful and unique gift
• Incorporating a philosophy of beauty in natural imperfection into your decor

Discover the Costa Vase at Flora Boutique SD, where each curve and edge tells a story of beauty in imperfection.